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At FPC, we’re more than just a community – we’re a family dedicated to serving and uplifting each other in faith. We believe every role within our church plays a crucial part in our mission to spread love, understanding, and spiritual growth. We’re excited to announce that we’re looking to expand our family with passionate individuals for the following positions:

Office Manager (Full-Time)

As the backbone of our church’s daily operations, the Office Manager ensures the smooth running of our administrative tasks, supports our staff and congregation, and embodies the welcoming spirit of our community. This role is perfect for someone with exceptional organizational skills and a heart for service.

Financial Manager (Part-Time)

Our Financial Manager plays a critical role in stewarding the resources of our church. This part-time position is responsible for managing our finances, including budgeting, reporting, and payroll, ensuring that we can continue our mission sustainably. Ideal for a detail-oriented professional with a passion for fiscal stewardship.

Facilities Technician (Part-Time)

The Facilities Technician plays a crucial role in maintaining the beauty and functionality of our sacred space. This position is tasked with setting up and taking down furniture for church activities, ensuring our campus is always ready for events. Additionally, the role includes providing comprehensive custodial services across the campus to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. On Sundays, the Facilities Technician is responsible for opening and closing the facility, playing a key part in our weekly worship and activities.

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