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Adult Elective Class

“Exploring the Confession of Belhar”

Sunday, April 7-28 | 9:40-10:40 AM
Room 113
Led by Guy & Cynthia Guidici

The Confession of Belhar was drafted in Afrikaans in 1982 to address how Christians in Southern Africa might respond to apartheid. In 2016, the confession was added, in its English translation, to the PCUSA’s Book of Confessions, after a period of study and discussion. We will explore the conditions that led to this confession’s creation, read the text carefully, and consider its application to our own walk of faith. We will also learn about the PCUSA’s work toward a new confession and consider connections among the Theological Declaration of Barmen, the Confession of 1967, the Confession of Belhar, and this new effort. You can read the Confession of Belhar at the PCUSA’s website or in your copy of the Book of Confessions.