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“Neighbors in the Neighborhood”

Speaker: Penny Leone, RN – FPC Parish Nurse

Monday, August 28
7:00 PM
Room 101

Remember the neighbors who invited you over for slides of their vacation?

This FRED Talk will be about a spiritual journey, but there will be pictures— and more. To pique your curiosity, here are a few questions: What does Martin Sheen have to do with a FRED talk? What if you could find a worldwide community by walking along a trail? Or find a piece of yourself by traveling through a eucalyptus forest? Do you want to be able to hear God’s wee, quiet voice? Do you long for a deeper connection with God?

Since 814 A.D., pilgrims have been walking and/or riding into the Galicia region of northern Spain to visit the tomb that the hermit, Pelagius, found of St. James the Apostle. This talk will include history, pictures, miracles, stories, spiritual insights and information about the Camino de Santiago. The aim: not to talk about a vacation but rather to spark your interest in your own spiritual walk.