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Blessing Bag Project

Blessing Bags

An Opportunity to Help

Our LOGOS Children prepare Blessing Bags throughout the year.  The Blessing Bags are simple and the contents provide direct assistance to those in need as stated in Matthew 25:31-44 that we will study in the “Seeing Christ in the Midst” sermon series from July 11 – Aug 15.

Blessing Bags are maintained in the church office and are offered to community members who seek assistance.  Blessing Bags are also donated to Helping Hands where they are distributed to families.  In addition to information on FPC and a list of local charities, the Blessing Bags contain practical items such as:

SocksGum, pack
Lip BalmWater, small bottle
Kleenex, pocket sizeHand individual wrapped candies
Hand Sanitizer, travel sizeSoap, individually wrapped
Hand wipes, travel sizeComb
Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, travel size

We would appreciate donations of the above items as well as:

  • gallon size slider, stand and fill freezer/storage bags
  • Small size sandwich bags