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Blue Christmas Service

In 2020, all of us have known loss of some kind or another. This year’s Blue Christmas service is a unique and worshipful space in which we can bring those losses before our ever-faithful God. The service will be live hosted over Zoom (a link to the service will be included in next Friday’s email). The service will include Scripture readings, harp music, a brief homily, and prayer. Those attending will not be expected to speak or lead during the service, but it would be good for you to bring five candles to the service as well as matches or a lighter. At one point in the service, there will be a time of prayer in which participants are invited to light their candles one at a time. At the conclusion of the service, we will leave about 15 minutes for sharing and conversation for those who would want to remain for that. For questions or further information, please contact Penny Leone.