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Celebration of Ministry

“Where Is God Calling Me?”— Celebration of Ministry 2022
This tradition began in 1999 as a biennial event for the congregation to learn more about and become involved with the church’s missions and ministries.

This year’s celebration is on Sat. and Sun., Oct. 15 & 16, and though different from years past, will still focus on our missions and energize our congregation with a sense of purpose and excitement about what God is doing among us. It has been planned by elders on the Mission Committee of the Session, Robert Cravens, Dawn Bookert and Lenice Smithwick, with help from church staff.

Saturday, Oct. 15

Luncheon with the Wehmeyers
The weekend begins on Saturday with a noon luncheon in The Gathering Place with special guests Rev. Don Wehmeyer and his wife, Martha, missionaries who work with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. FPC supports their work in the Yucatan. He will speak about the social problems in Mexico. Because of limited seating, reservations will be limited to 60 and must be made online. Tony & Luigi’s Restaurant will cater the meal. A donation of $6 is recommended for guests.

Sunday, Oct. 16

Rev. Wehmeyer also will be the guest preacher at both services that Sunday. The scripture basis for his sermon is Luke 10:1-12, and he will preach on “Welcome or Not Welcomed: The Kingdom of God Has Come Near.”

On Sunday, the celebration begins at 9:40 a.m., the usual Sunday School time, in Fellowship Hall. This follows the early service, held as usual in the Sanctuary. Adult and youth classes will not meet but will instead participate in the morning program. Pastor Bobby will give an introduction. Children’s Sunday School classes will join this presentation and then return to the Education Building.

FPC’s mission organizations have been grouped into three topic areas for the program. Each of the three sessions will focus on stories of personal impact from three different missions and speakers, along with time for questions and answers. After Bobby’s introduction session in Fellowship Hall, the attendees will split into two groups and go to different rooms, where the other two topic areas will be discussed and have a speaker. After 20 minutes, the two groups will swap rooms to hear the final presentation.

The sessions hope to wrap up by 10:50. Refreshments (sweet bites) from around the world will be provided in each room, with coffee and water in The Gathering Place. Literature on FPC’s supported mission organizations will be in each room. Speakers for the three sessions, and the highlighted missions they represent, are:

  • Afghan Refugee Resettlement project, with a daughter from the Afghan family talking about her educational experiences in Afghanistan and here in the U.S.
  • Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG), with Annabel McClure and Karen Jones speaking about employment opportunities there.
  • AGAPE Dinner, with Steve Wilson discussing the Williamson County Juvenile Justice Center program.

We look forward to seeing you there!
If you have any questions, please contact the Mission Committee Elders noted above or the church office.