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Colonial Dames Present FPC with Historic Marker

First Presbyterian Church is getting another historic marker, in addition to our two existing ones. The new one is from the Ark & Dove Chapter of Colonial Dames XVll Century and will be presented at the 170th anniversary luncheon on Sunday, June 23, following the 10 a.m. service.

The national society marks historic sites, especially those of colonial importance. Although our Sanctuary and church are not of colonial vintage (before 1701), the local Colonial Dames chapter believes the church is of historic significance to the Georgetown community.

The chapter’s leaders and members are impressed with our church’s ongoing efforts not only to “keep the old historic part of the church in excellent repair but also to continue to use the historic Sanctuary for a Sunday morning service.”

The new plaque from Colonial Dames will be mounted on a pole to the left of the Sanctuary steps, and opposite another historic marker recounting our organization as a church in 1854. A plaque or marker from the State Historical Society Committee (now the Texas Historical Commission), dating to December 1962, is mounted on the front of the Sanctuary.

Article by Marty Curtis