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Congregational Singing Update

As a reminder, our session voted last week to amend the current Guidelines for Gatherings to now allow congregational singing during worship. (Masks continue to be encouraged for all who are unvaccinated, and they are especially encouraged if those who are unvaccinated choose to sing).

Because of the update to singing, this revision includes a couple of options we will be offering for our children under 12 (recognizing they cannot yet be vaccinated) during the 11AM Worship Service only.

  • Children between the ages of 5 and 8 (2nd grade) who normally go to Children’s Church after the Moment for Children can still do that just like usual.  Or, if parents prefer that their child(ren) not be present in the worship space while there is singing allowed, those children will be able to attend Children’s Church for the entire hour of worship. Those who choose to attend Children’s Church for the entire service can go directly to Room E110 in the Education Building where they will be with our Childcare Coordinator and Children’s Church Leader, Meredith Rodgers.
  • Children between the ages of 9 and 12 (so 3rd to 6th grade) will have the option to go with Kelly Ann Seaman to the Youth Room for the entire hour where she will have the service on livestream and share in the discussion of the service/sermon with them.