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Corner of Change: Aaron Zander

Aaron was born in Commerce, Tx but relocated to North Louisiana at age fifteen. Graduated high school and college there, then moved back to TX shortly after. Raised in a home without television, read a LOT, and spent most of the days outside, in the woods.

With the move to LA, he negotiated a skateboard ramp in the backyard with my father – furthering his passion for fun on wheels. He ran cross country and got into competitive golf, and traveled the gulf coast playing junior tournaments. He always had an affinity for trails, the outdoors, and challenging the limits of the brain/body.

He was a Psychology major in college, which fostered his drive for understanding others and mental wellness. After college, he took a job with an insurance company and spent the next eight years traveling all over the US, responding to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other weather-related events. During this time bought his first mountain bike and has been hooked ever since. He has traveled all over riding trails and discovered it was the best release from work/travel stress out there and has since led me to my role with trails foundation.

Married to wife Dana and three kids who are in multiple sports/activities. Dana is also an avid mountain biker – won state series in 2016.

Trails Foundation was founded by several residents of GTX while around a backyard fire pit. All passionate about the outdoors and trails, recognized the opportunity in GTX and understood we'd need to take the initiative.

He currently has a parkland improvement agreement with the city of Georgetown and a similar agreement with Southwestern University. He has helped built natural surface trails in multiple areas on their properties. GTF owns 7 acres behind Tractor Supply, and we have built trails there, too (Limestone Cowboy is the highlight). To date have added about 7 miles of natural surface trails in GTX city limits with a goal of about 30 more.