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Corner of Change: Dr. Eric Robinson

Eric gives us an understanding of school psychologists – the mental health experts for school. He reflects on the rising need for more of them, and the relationship between belonging and mental health, and he provides practical guidance about how to best support our students and teachers in this time of rapid change throughout our school systems.

Dr. Eric Robinson is an Associate Professor in the Educational Psychology Department and directed their School Psychology program for 20 years before stepping down in February 2022. Eric has also been the coordinator of the Baylor Autism Resource Clinic (BARC) and was the inaugural Director of the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD) from 2014-2016. Nationally, he serves as co-chair of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Program Accreditation Board and is a Board of Trustee at Iona (NY) University.

Dr. Robinson has a variety of clinical experiences ranging from working as a school psychologist in South Carolina, as a psychology trainee in the Child Development Unit at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC), and as a psychology intern at Boys Town, in Omaha, NE. While at Baylor University, Dr. Robinson has taught over 20 different courses and has more than 40 published journal articles, book chapters, and national presentations.

Dr. Robinson earned a Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Kansas, an MA degree in school psychology from the University of South Carolina, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Appalachian State University.

Dr. Robinson currently lives in Georgetown, TX, with his wife, Suzanne Robinson, and two daughters, Ellis and Charlotte.