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Corner of Change: Rev. Dr. Ron Swain

Ron shares his hope for the students at Southwestern and the whole of Georgetown. He reflects on how conversation is the currency for change – a conviction that gave rise to Georgetown’s Courageous Conversations,  which continues to help our community talk about race and racism.

About Dr. Swain

A Christ follower, a servant-leader and social entrepreneur, Ron’s purpose in life is to use his knowledge, leadership skills, experience and other God-given abilities to assist individuals achieve their maximum potential and to lead organizations and communities toward performance excellence with human compassion. 

In 2014, Swain joined the Discipleship Team at The First United Methodist Church of Georgetown as part-time Director of Transformative Missions Ministries. He served as President of The Georgetown Ministerial Alliance, 2016 and 2017. In this capacity, he aimed to raise the voice of faith community leaders to address the life concerns and issues of residents of the city, especially about racism and social injustice. 

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