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Corner of Change: Ron Snell

The current Director of Senior University, Ron, shares lessons and insights from growing up in the Amazon jungle, living in places as far and wide as Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Dallas (), and doing a wide range of work from Bible translation to real estate to directing a homeless shelter in Nebraska. Along the way, he talks about the importance risk plays in growth, the gift of people on the margins of society, and what it looks like to find home when life takes you to so many different people and places.
Ron was born in Peru, South America, and raised in the Amazon jungle, where his parents were Bible translators. After Bible school and university, he directed a training center for Wycliffe Bible Translators, administered 14 teams of Bible translators in Indonesia, did trainings for cross-cultural workers in the Dallas area, built or rehabbed a number of houses in South Dallas, then ran a homeless shelter in North Platte, NE for 12 years before moving to Costa Rica and brokering real estate for over 7 years. He now resides in Georgetown and is the director of Senior University Georgetown.