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“The Corner of Change: Stories from the Fastest Growing City in America”

New FPC Podcast

Hosted by Pastor Bobby

When he learned that the 2020 census showed Georgetown to be the fastest growing city in America (among cities with more than 50,000 residents), Pastor Bobby immediately thought: What a significant moment for our community!

Then, two other things struck him. “Our church is unique: It sits at the corner where so much change unfolds, a block off of the Courthouse Square. We have a front-row seat to change.” He also pointed out that the church has a fundamental interest in change. The first sentence of the PCUSA Book of Order reads, “The good news of the Gospel is that the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—creates, redeems, sustains, rules, and transforms all things and all people.” He said, “That’s a meaty sentence. Significantly, it makes clear that ours is a God who is in the business of bringing about change! We as God’s people are always being transformed by the Holy Spirit even as we work and pray for God’s kingdom to be made known on earth as it is in heaven. Which is to say, we’re always working for change!”

And where there is change, there are always stories, Bobby thought.

An idea began to gel as he talked with Patrick Tolbert, deacon and chair of the Evangelism Committee. “What if we could share the stories of change that are unfolding in Georgetown by hosting a podcast and having conversations with a variety of leaders in our city?” he asked. “What if we, as people who study, live and pray for change, could help each other and our community hear these stories of change happening around us and within us? Could this be a unique opportunity for us together to learn from and with our community?”

The idea spun into a new FPC podcast with a projected launch date of January 11. Its title: “The Corner of Change: Stories from the Fastest Growing City in America.” Bobby will be the host/interviewer, and the conversations will be recorded in the podcast recording area in part of the upstairs Music Library room. Philip Smith, Director of Music and Worship, was instrumental in getting the equipment and setting up the recording area.

Pastor Bobby and Philip Smith

Bobby has sent invitations to potential guests who can talk about what they are seeing, experiencing and leading amid all the changes, what the hopes and challenges are, and how change is also affecting the professional lives of Georgetown residents.

“We are eager to help our community share in, reflect on and learn from the stories these people will share.” He added that conversations with FPC members who have stories of change will also be regularly featured podcast guests. “They are leaders in a variety of ways in our town.”

Plans are to publish one conversation each week. Four trial podcasts were recorded ahead of the actual launch and are on the website. The conversations are with staff members Jaime Cowan, Kelly Ann Seaman, Penny Leone and Christina Bondesen.

“It should be noted that these staff conversations were experiments,” Bobby said. “We had some minor sound issues, and we tried questions and ideas that may or may not be part of the podcasts we produce later. Still, the conversations are excellent, and there is plenty to be learned by hearing from some of our staff.”

If you are wondering how to participate in this new podcast, Bobby first encourages everyone to listen to the podcasts.

The podcasts can be accessed from a computer, Smartphone or personal device such as an iPad or tablet in one of the following ways:

  • On the church website at
  • By subscribing to your device’s podcast app, such as iTunes Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, etc. Once in the app, search for ”Corner of Change: Stories from the Fastest Growing City in America” and select the “Subscribe” button.

“After listening to one or more podcasts, talk with me if you have a name to suggest as someone we might consider for a podcast conversation,” Bobby said. “And if you find the podcast helpful, please provide a review. Reviews are the best way for a podcast to gain visibility, and we want to share this opportunity with the greater Georgetown community.”

Bobby will coordinate a time and date for each conversation and send some questions before the podcast so the guest can consider possible responses. Church Communications Director Jaime Cowan will also contact the guest to get a brief bio and photo so listeners will know more about the guest as the podcast airs.

If you have questions, contact Bobby for more information or to suggest a podcast guest.