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Drivers Needed for Afghan Family

The Afghan Resettlement Group is looking for a few volunteers to help drive our new Afghan family around during their initial resettlement period. The family is expected to arrive in the next few weeks, and though they will eventually have access to a car, will initially need some concentrated help with driving.

Here are some basics about this request.

  • Requesting volunteers commit to specific days and times (such as Monday mornings, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, etc.). 
  • Husband/wife teams preferred to travel with the family  (For cultural reasons)
  • A large vehicle that can accommodate several people is desired, but if you do not have one but are interested and available to drive, please let us know.
  • Volunteers will need to undergo background checks and be committed to their driving shifts. 

Does this sound like something you could help with? If so, please contact Stephanie Mettler (on the Welcome Team) at