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Gifts from God to You:

Items donated for FPC’s ministry to homeless people in Georgetown fill shelves in Room 101

Through this time of ups and downs with COVID and its many strains, I am thankful that our congregation continues to be so generous with what we’ve been given and our willingness to readily share what we have with others.

After Christmas, the people requesting assistance started to back off from what we were seeing in the early fall. Per-haps the drastic changes in weather and temperature caused them to hunker down and wait for warmer days. Sometimes, I feel like doing that too; that feeling of just not wanting to do anything or go anywhere until the sun comes back out. Regardless of how I feel, the need is still there; the need to do things and go places and help those I can that are still out there. So, as I grudgingly leave my nice, comfortable bed, I am gently reminded by God that at least I have a nice, comfortable bed! Others are not so lucky.

I recently met with a parishioner from Grace Episcopal who is interested in joining together to make a bigger impact on the homeless community here in Georgetown. We had a productive first meeting and plan to get back together in February to talk about the next steps. Look for regular updates in future newsletters on how you may be able to get involved.

Your donations continue to amaze me! We now have four shelving units, a clothes rack and more blankets, hats, gloves and scarves than I know what to do with! The most needed items at this time are microwaveable soups, protein bars and gold bond foot powder (travel size only). For more information, please visit our Amazon wish list. -Christina Bondesen