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Mar 5 – 26

“True Story”

Led by Karen Jones

Homebuilders will tackle the problem of poverty. Curriculum from Compassion Canada leads us in a six-week video series designed to help people discover their role in God’s story of restoring the world. We want to help those in need, but where do we start? And what does God expect of us? What does God want us to do about poverty? Students will journey alongside Alyssa, a teen from Toronto, and explore the spiritual nature of poverty, God’s heart for those in need, and the unique role of the Church. Participants will be drawn closer to Christ as they discover the difference they can make in the world—and the difference they can help others make as well.

Homebuilders is a discussion-oriented class for adults that covers topics in Christian living, scripture and church history. Formed to meet the needs of adults in the family-building stage of life, Homebuilders welcomes all. If you are interested in attending this class, contact for more information.