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Wednesdays @ 12 noon
Beginning Jan 10
Room 207

A Great Cloud of Witnesses by Trillia Newbell

Rejuvenate your faith through the stories of the faithful. Throughout Scripture, we find countless stories of God’s faithfulness—we also find countless stories of the people who remained faithful to Him.

To strengthen and deepen your own faith, join us by entering the stories of God’s imperfect yet faithful people in A Great Cloud of Witnesses by Trillia Newbell. This study dives into Hebrews 11, examining the lives of Rahab, Enoch, Gideon, Sarah, and many more whose faiths withstood the tests of their days. By studying the great cloud of witnesses and others who have gone before us, we will learn to imitate their faith while clinging to the One who is always faithful as we run the race God has set before us.

Join us Wed, January 10, as we start our journey. At noon in Room 207. Purchase a book and BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch).