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Ladies Lunch Bible Study


The new year takes this Wednesday noon group on Journeys with Celtic Christians, by Rodney Newman starting January 6. The early Christians of Ireland developed an expression of the faith characterized by devotion and fascinating stories. This book offers rich insights for modern issues such as promoting a caring society, relating to the natural world and welcoming strangers. The faith spread and flourished in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern England between the 5th and 11th centuries because saints traveled extensively, preaching, teaching and founding monasteries. 

By connecting historical information with their current lives and concerns, readers are encouraged to consider the many ways pilgrimage has shaped their personal faith. They will discover the value and contributions of fellow travelers on the faith journey and how they assist and shape that journey. By recalling how Celtic Christians celebrated and marked significant moments in their lives of faith, readers discover ways they can develop this practice. They will affirm the importance of both offering and receiving hospitality on the faith journey, a discipline that was critical to the Celts. They will also have opportunities to deal with difficult life journeys such as transitions and opportunities for forgiveness, and the importance of blessing one another in a world that values polarization over cooperation and competition over community.

Join this group via Zoom as we grow together in our spiritual understandings and commitments.

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