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LOGOS Sunday

“The Tale of the Three Trees” 
Music by Allen Pote, Lyrics and Narration by Tom S. Long

The following is a short summary of the musical, “The Tale of The Three Trees,” that our LOGOS Children’s Choir will be presenting this Sunday.

There are three trees standing side by side on a hill. They dream together of what they hope to become in the future; one wishes to become a chest for the finest treasures, one wishes to be a ship carrying a mighty King, and the last wants to stay on the hillside and become the tallest tree pointing up to heaven. The first is cut down and made into a trough, but then it turns out it is a trough in the stable where Mary gives birth to Jesus, so it becomes the manger for him. The second is made into a simple fishing boat, but then it is the boat that Jesus goes in when there is a big storm, and he calms the waves. The third tree is cut down and discarded in a lumber yard until one day, it is made into a cross. It is, of course, the cross Jesus is crucified on and becomes the symbol of hope, forever pointing to heaven.