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“Meals With Jesus” – New Sermon Series

Jan 30 – Feb 27

Even in our times of significant change and competing values, the person of Jesus remains of great interest, debate, and inspiration.

It is timely, then, to consider again who he truly is. And, is there any better way to get to know a person than over a meal? Jesus himself did much of his ministry over meals. During this sermon series, we will look at six different meals that Jesus shares in the Gospel of Luke. In each case, he reveals something about who he is, what his kingdom is all about – and what the implications are for our lives (and our tables!).

Will you join us for the weekly meal? We hope so!

Weekly Recipes

During the sermon series: Meals With Jesus, Pastor Bobby will focus on the teachings of Jesus centered around a meal. Each week, we will feature a recipe from our church cookbook that you might like to try! You are invited to use these recipes as opportunities to prepare and eat this meal together with your family while discussing the previous week’s sermon and let us know what insights or topics came up during the conversation.

Jan. 16 – Taco Soup

Jan. 30 Sermon Recipe- Chicken & Chiles

Feb. 06 Sermon Recipe- Cherokee Casserole

Feb. 13 Sermon Recipe Chinese Cabbage Salad

Feb. 20 Sermon Recipe Heidi’s Chicken