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October FRED Talk

“When People in the Neighborhood Need Counseling”
Speaker: Dr. Keiah Ellis
Temperament Specialist

Monday, October 4
7:00 PM
Room 101 (In Person)

Dr. Ellis uses temperament theory to help clients understand how they process everything in life. She believes that every action we take is an attempt to meet a temperament-based need. She helps clients identify needs, stressors, conflict potential and anxiety inducers, then find healthy resolutions and coping strategies. As a Pastoral Christian Counselor, her goal is to help clients live lives that are both pleasing to the Lord and personally satisfying.

Dr. Keiah Ellis, Temperament Specialist
Dr. Keiah Ellis

Through an institute of the National Christian Counselors Association, Dr. Ellis trains counselors in temperament therapy.

She also offers individual, marriage, family and group therapy and counseling services to caregivers, chronically ill and special needs people, and to adult children caring for aging parents.

This program is open to all church members and their guests as well as members of the Georgetown Alliance of Stephen Ministers.