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PCHAS: Serving children and families

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS), a faith-based Christian organization that strives to serve like Jesus, provides Christ-centered care and support to children and families in need. It meets the clients where they are and treats them with respect, focuses on their strengths rather than their problems, and encourages them to focus on their future rather than the past. When this is done well, PCHAS helps children and families find hope and know the love of God.

The agency serves nearly 4,500 children and families every year across three states, offering a variety of residential and community-based programs along with initiatives to empower churches to support foster care families. In each of the programs, PCHAS is walking alongside children and families, breaking cycles of abuse and neglect, and working together to build sustainable, loving homes.

Community-based programs in Texas include:

  • Foster Care & Adoption: Staff screen, train and support caring families that give children in foster care a stable and loving home. Some families permanently adopt the foster children.
  • Maternity Services & Adoption: Specialists support women with unplanned pregnancies considering an adoption plan for their children, and couples seeking to adopt.
  • Child & Family: This in-home family preservation program stabilizes families during a crisis such as poverty, abuse, neglect or homelessness.
  • Growing Together: Specialists promote child welfare and early childhood education in families with children 5 years old or younger. Families learn to build closer relationships, reduce stress and prepare children for success in school.
  • Therapeutic Mentoring: Mentors meet with children at home, school or in the community to implement custom therapeutic plans for overcoming crises or long-term struggles.

Residential Care Programs in Texas and what they provide include:

  • Itasca Foster Care Village: Christ-centered care for children within six caring, loving foster homes.
  • Single Parent Family: Struggling single parents and their children receive housing, financial and emotional support, therapy and services that promote self-sufficiency.
  • Transitional Living: Structure and nurture assist young adults (often who grew up in the foster care system) as they grow into independent adults with sustainable plans for the future.

PCHAS offers a variety of programs because the needs of each child and each family are different. But the philosophy of care in each program is family-centered, strength-focused and goal-driven.

It is one of the ministries featured in the current Sunday School Adult Elective series: Engaging Our Missions. PCHAS was also recently a topic of Virtual Coffee with Pastor Bobby. If you missed these opportunities to be (re)introduced to PCHAS, but are interested in joining with others to make a real difference in the life of a child or a family, contact Bridget Chapman, FPC Mission Advocate for PCHAS.

For more information about PCHAS, or to learn how you can support the ministry, contact Reagan Stone, Senior Development Officer, 210-860-3188, reagan.stone To make a one-time financial gift visit