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School Supply Drive

FPC is collecting donations of new school supplies to be donated to local Georgetown elementary schools.

Returning to school is fun!  Meeting a new teacher, making new friends, wearing new clothes and using new school supplies.

Not every child returns to school with new supplies.  There are many wonderful organizations that furnish school supplies before school starts, and many children benefit from this generosity.

There are also children who start school during the school year who do not have school supplies.  And there are children who are not able to have their supplies replaced when they run out.  Furnishing children with school supplies very often falls to teachers and staff.

We have supported Mitchell Elementary with school supplies during the school year in the past, and we also know that Purl Elementary could use school supplies throughout the year. Because the school supplies will be donated to these schools throughout the school year, please feel free to donate supplies at any time.  An elementary school supply list is attached.