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“Questions About Caring for Older Friends in the Neighborhood”

Speaker: Jim Comer

Monday, September 18
7:00 PM
Room 101

Jim Comer is a professional speaker who has a long and solid relationship with FPC. He is the cousin of Bill and Bonnie Stump. He brings fun, humor, and wisdom to many topics and trainings. In September’s FRED Talk, Jim will share “How to Survive Caregiving with Sanity and a Sense of Humor.” Jim has “rubber meets the road” experience with caregiving.

Following his father’s massive stroke and his mother’s dementia diagnosis, Jim became an overnight caregiver. He moved back to Texas to help his parents. Everyone looked to him as “the man with the answers,” but he soon realized he didn’t even know the questions! In 14 years of caregiving, Jim LIVED the questions, learned the answers and is passionate about sharing them.