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Sermon Art

FPC families – During the remaining Sundays in our Ten Commandments sermon series (February 7 – March 14). you are invited to listen to the sermon and create whatever comes to your mind – drawings, poems, Playdoh sculptures, or really anything! And…we would love to share your Sermon Art with the congregation! 

To share your art, simply take a photo of it, and submit it to Jaime Cowan at Be sure and let her know which commandment was being preached on while you did your sermon art. Jaime will then have your art displayed in our pre-worship slides on the following Sunday morning.

Two final notes about this:

  1. You can submit to Jaime at any time in this sermon series (Feb 7 – Mar 14).
  2. You can submit as many photos of art as you would like! It may be that you only submit one or two photos of your art, or it may be that you submit one for each Sermon that you hear during the remainder of this series.