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“The Art of Listening”

You are invited to a special FPC educational program, ”The Art of Listening,” by guest speaker Rev. Harry Brown, honorably retired Presbyterian minister, at 7 p.m. Monday, November 16, via Zoom.

Harry served as pastor for 40 years: 10 years in a three-church parish in North Dakota, 15 years at First Presbyterian Church in York, Nebraska, and 15 years at John Calvin Presbyterian Church in Metairie, Louisiana. He retired in 2018.

He is a lifelong Presbyterian, having grown up on a farm in North Dakota where his family attended the Presbyterian church that was begun by earlier generations of the family. After graduating from North Dakota State University, he attended the University of Dubuque Theo- logical Seminary, earned a Master of Divinity degree, and was ordained by the Presbytery of Northern Plains.

He and his wife, Laurell, recently moved to Georgetown to be closer to their two children and five grandchildren in the Austin area. He said, “As we move into retirement, we are in the process of discerning how God is calling us to use our skills in this new phase of life.” They have decided that First Presbyterian “will be our church,” and Laurell has become a member.

Watch for more information about the program and the Zoom link to it in the November 13 FPC weekly email.