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Women’s Storybook Project

Congregational Response Opportunity – “Visit the Imprisoned”

Looking for a way to respond to last week’s sermon on visiting the imprisoned? A few FPC members have mentioned either volunteering or knowing someone who has volunteered meaningfully with the Women’s Storybook Project of Texas (headquartered in Austin).

Here is an excerpt from their website: “The Women’s Storybook Project of Texas (WSP) is a women’s prison program that connects children with their incarcerated mothers through the joy of literature. The primary goal of WSP is to reduce the rate of re-incarceration among incarcerated mothers by strengthening the mother-child connection through literature. This literature project requires volunteers to travel to Texas female prisons to record incarcerated mothers as they read stories to their children. These recordings provide a chance for children to hear their mother’s voice while they are away. Connecting the children and mothers helps provide a reason for the mothers to work hard not to return to prison.”