Each week we hear the Word read and preached. A sermon, based on the Scripture(s) read in worship, proclaims the good news of the risen Lord and presents the gift and calling of the gospel. Through the sermon, we encounter Jesus Christ in God’s Word, are equipped to follow him more faithfully, and are inspired to proclaim the gospel to others through our words and deeds.

“Wondering at Miracles”

“Stay In the City Until…”

“Utter Nonsense??” Easter Sunday

Maundy Thursday

“By Heart”

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

“Knit Together”

“A Stagnant Faith”

“Made Alive in the Spirit”

“Walking into the Wilderness”

“Uncovering the Soul”

“How Free Are You?”

“God Changed Their Minds”

“Let’s Rock and Roll”

“It Starts Again”

“Discerning the Year”

“The Never-Ending Story”

“He Is Coming! No, He Is Here”

“Why a Prophet?”

“Show Us”

“Step up to the Plate”

“Straining Forward”

“Promises Made, Promises Kept”

“Our God is a Wonderful God”

“Leaving Home, Going Home”